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Routing Rules
If you assign a user in the routing rule for a help desk project and add an issue, it shows up under the users "My Issues"; however, if you assign a JOB ROLE it will not show up under each users "My issues" who have that job role, is that correct?

Basically, the users with the job role have to go to the specific que to see the issues to address?
You will want to create a custom report to show all the issues assigned to a job role. A good way to do it is with a list report using an existing filter "Unassigned in My Role". A user can then select an issue from this list and assign it to someone.
OR (Matt Mitchell):
Or instead of creating a new report, use the report we ship with the software called 'My Unassigned Issues'. It means you have two reports on the portal tab for issues, but you don't have to come up with a filter.
For customers that heavily use issues, I like to create a portal profile with a My Issues tab... containing the My Issues, My Unassigned Issues, and the My Submitted Issues reports. I can then remove the My Issues report from the My Tasks tab and use that space for the My Unassigned Tasks report -- tasks in my role not assigned to a human being.
This also decreases the frequency of the question, "I just submitted an issue; doesn't it appear on the My Issues report?" because the users clearly see there is a difference between My Issues and My Submitted Issues.

Dan Swain Solution:
I typically create a report for the resources manager to display all
unassigned issues for users that report to me. This report has any
job role ids their direct reports are assigned to, in the filter.
People are typically reluctant to assign themselves issues unless they
know know someone else will assign them if they don't. I have also
created reports for the manager the next level up that include the
role ids ( assigned to Id being null like the others) and an entry
date of a month or older.